Enterprise Strategy Deployment

Transit agencies must balance many varied interests from political stakeholders to equitable balance of service, complementary service for people with disabilities, and economic development - all while moving people through the most congested parts of the city. 

The RideEX team has long history working in the transit space and knows the push-pull of quantity versus quality that transit agencies struggle with while working 24 hours every day to get service on the street to the people who need it.

The RideEX approach is to work with agency leadership to focus on their core - the Rider Experience. RideEX can help you develop Rider-centered metrics and prioritize investments and initiatives through that lens. The work isn't done with those initiatives, however. RideEX can help you develop strategies to execute on those iniatives at every level of the organization.

Customer Experience

How do you measure what's important to the customer?

As transit professionals we know that safety and reliability are the difference makers between a service of last resort and an attractive mobility choice. The RideEX team helps harness your big data to develop metrics that measure how your riders perceive and experience the services you offer.


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Executing Strategies

With real-time measures, the RideEX team works with Leadership to develop strategies to impact the Rider Experience and tactical plans that enable your 21st Century Workforce to make real impact on the Rider Experience.