21st Century Workforce


Employee Engagement

Your employees are the lifeblood of your organization and the most vital resource in executing tactical plans to achieve your goals to improve the Rider Experience.

RideEx works with agencies to deploy tools and support developed specifically for the unique challenges transit employees face in a 24-hour operational environment.


Lean 4 Transit

The RideEX approach to empowering a 21st Century Workforce focuses on "Lean" process improvement - originating in the Toyota Production System - giving employees  tools to identify and eliminate waste. 

With tools and support strategies that give a clear line-of-sight to the organization's goals, you can empower your employees to improve the Rider Experience and their investment in your agency's mission.


Mid-Manager Development

Many employee engagement efforts fail because they squeeze the middle and don't demonstrate how taking time away from the work can help front-line supervision and middle management deliver on the day-to-day needs of their work. 

RideEX features Mid-Manager support to develop tactical plans and catalyze their employees to use "Lean" tools to execute those plans with line-of-sight to the overall organization's goals.